Custom EFI Live Duramax tuning
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StarLite Diesel offers custom tuning to meet your needs for whatever you might do with your truck. Whether that is just trying for a little extra power while towing, or finding the right place to get your tuning for that new Twin Turbo kit - StarLite Diesel can give help you meet your needs.

The tuning process can be complicated, and there are lots of questions we need to know about your specific setup and what you're looking to accomplish so we can build the tune(s) you're looking for. Our custom tuning is just that - a custom tune for YOUR truck for YOUR application. Not everyone runs the same intake or exhaust system. It's just the nature of our trucks that we do or try different things. That's where our custom tuning shines. We take into account all those variables and do our best to deliver the perfect tune the first time.

Feel free to ask us any questions prior to your purchase and let us knwo how we can best assist you!

The different tuning options give the user the ability to pick either a single tune, or a DSP2 or DSP5 switch to give you the ability to adjust your tunes on the fly, and have a variety of tunes optimized for a specific task.

DSP 5 tunes give you basically 5 seperate tunes so that you can have the best of each world. Perhaps  you like to hit the drag strip once in a while. Just click the switch to 'kill' mode and have fun! The next day you might want to take the family on a drive, and want to have a good economical tune for mileage. Just flip the switch and off you go. Towing? Same thing. With 5 different tunes, you can have dedicated tunes for specific purposes. Again, feel free to ask any questions!

*You must have an EFI V2 cable or Auto-call device. This item is for TUNING only, not the hardware to perform the tuning. Please contact us for assistance.

  • Manufacturer: EFILive

Custom EFI Live Duramax tuning

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